April 2016

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  • Nazi Shmatzi

    Have you noticed that I never use the term “Nazi” in Thieves of Paris? I had been very careful where I used Nazi and where I used German in the first draft, since not all Germans were Nazis—and not all Nazis were German. Then a reader told me the term “Nazi” had not been in […]

  • Countess Sampieri

    One of my favorite characters in Thieves of Paris is Countess Irène Sampieri, mother of Madame Beatrice Camondo Reinach. Research on this lady began my interest in Nazi art theft. When Irène was six, her father, Count Louis Cahen D’Anvers, commissioned the painter Renoir to do three portraits of his daughters. The first was Little […]

  • Why visit Paris?

    When I planned a research trip to France for Thieves of Paris in 2014, before the ISIS attack, my brother asked me why I couldn’t just do my research on the Internet and from my home near Washington, DC. He had a point. Washington boasts Archives of the United States, the United States Holocaust Memorial […]

  • Malice Domestic — Identify that Quotation

    Malice Domestic, the premiere fan convention for lovers of traditional mysteries is coming up soon– April 29-May 1, 2016. Coming soon! This year join the fun at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Bethesda, MD outside Washington, D.C. Go to http://www.malicedomestic.org/ to see the program and check out all the fun! So does the title “malice domestic” sound […]

  • Goering as Thief: An Archives Story

    The looting of European art was well-planned, systematic and efficient. Hitler chose works for his planned Museum in his hometown, Linz, Austria. His second in command Hermann Goering plundered much more, for his own private collection. But art plundered from Jews was not the only source of his loot. I found a copy of a […]

  • Sleuthfest

    What fun meeting C.J.Box, the guest of honor at Sleuthfest, this year in Deerfield Beach, Florida from February 25-28, 2016! The annual conference for mystery fans and writers featured many panels discussing (for example) killing by poison, the experiences of “black ops” (that is, mercenaries), how to plot a book, write dialogue, build suspense. Publishing […]