Coronavirus and Matzoh Ball Soup

Coronavirus and Matzoh Ball Soup

Like most people in Maryland, I’m practicing “social distancing” to avoid the Coronavirus and help “flatten the curve” of those catching the virus. If successful, this strategy is unlikely to reduce the numbers catching the virus, but it will spread out the need for medical intervention. China’s Wuhan province was the first struck, and now new cases are on the wane. Italy is overwhelmed with cases. The US is just heading into the time of greatest danger. It’s an existential threat, just as World War II was, but so far my life has been very comfortable. Is this like the “phony war” between Germany’s invasion of Poland and the attack on France?

Today, in line with my general lack of purposeful activity, I decided to practice ethnic solidarity by, for the first time in my life, making matzoh ball soup. In a pot of boiling chicken broth, I plopped about eight balls made from a mix. They were perfect!  Not too light, not hard like a handball. It didn’t seem to matter that the mix I had bought in 2013 was past the “best used by” date.



Image used under Creative Commons license – City Foodsters

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